We’re Building A Sauna: Our Backyard Sauna Plan

We are building a sauna, our second one, and I figured I’d document the whole process! This is our second sauna, since we already have one sauna on the lake. But that sauna is co-owned with some of our neighbors, and has a wood heater. Now we want to have our own sauna with an electric heater.

  • What made us decide to build another sauna?
  • Why electric heater?
  • Is this sauna indoor or outdoor sauna?
  • What size and layout do we choose?
  • And what’s the design plan?

Okay, let’s get to it.

Our Sauna Plan – Why Yet Another Sauna?

We decided to build another sauna because our current lake sauna is shared with 20 some families in our neighborhood. While the lake sauna is amazing, here are a few considerations:

  • it’s often booked when we want to go to sauna
  • it’s not cleaned regularly
  • it’s wood heated so it takes time to warm it up
  • I don’t want to bring my scrubs and oils to the shared sauna

And so on. Don’t get me wrong – we love our lake sauna, it’s a pure luxury to have access to it and we will keep using it! But, as real sauna enthusiasts, and also very private people – we want to have our own sauna at the backyard, right next to our spa pool.

Why Electric Heater Sauna?

For the same reason as above – we already have access to an amazing wood heated sauna on a raft. That means that we can enjoy the real Finnish wood sauna experience when we want.

For our backyard sauna – we will choose an electric heated stove. It’s simple and easy to warm up, allowing us to take a quick sauna anytime we want. I personally want to take a sauna after my powerwalk in the morning, so warming up the sauna before I go out and then taking a quick bath before I start working is… well, heavenly!

Our New Sauna Will Be an Outdoor Sauna But Inside Our Backyard Storage

This sauna will be located in our storage space, and it’s only 2 meters from the house. It will have access to the spa pool, outdoor shower, and garden, but it’s in a separate building.

Our New Sauna Layout and Size

We’re not 100% done with the design yet, but it right now it looks like the sauna is 2600 mm x 2000 mm, so around 5m². There will also be a sauna lounge outside the sauna.

Our New Sauna Design Plan

Let me get back to this soon…

While we’re building our sauna, I’m creating an FAQ for anyone interested in investing in a home sauna!

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