Black Sauna Inspiration and Guide: Tips for Creating a Luxurious Home Spa

Black Sauna

If you love color black in interiors, you might want to have a black sauna in your home? My family is about to embark another build project, and if everything goes like I plan (things usually do)… we will have a black sauna very soon in addition to our lake sauna which we share with a few of our neighbors.

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Black Sauna Inspiration

If you’re looking for a unique sauna experience, a black sauna might be just what you need. These saunas are made from black wood finishes and can be a great addition to any home or spa. Let’s have look at some awesome black saunas!

Black sauna with glass wall
Black sauna with glass wall
Black Sauna Inspiration and Guide: Tips for Creating a Luxurious Home Spa Black Sauna
Stylish black sauna combined with concrete used in the adjacent space. Design by Studio Griffiths
Black Sauna with gray sauna textiles
Black Sauna with gray sauna textiles
Black Sauna walls with natural sauna furniture
Black Sauna walls with natural sauna furniture
Black Sauna Inspiration and Guide: Tips for Creating a Luxurious Home Spa Black saunas
Black modern saunas

Designing Your Black Sauna

Designing your black sauna is an exciting process that requires careful consideration of several factors. From choosing the right materials to innovative seating solutions, every detail counts. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect black sauna for your home.

Black rustic sauna
Black rustic sauna

Choosing the Right Materials

When it comes to designing your black sauna, the materials you choose are crucial. The most popular materials for saunas include wood and stone. Cedar is a popular choice for wood because of its natural resistance to moisture and decay. Stone is also a great option because it retains heat well and adds a natural element to your sauna.

How To Make Your Sauna Interiors Black?

One way to make your sauna black is to build a smoke sauna, but that it not for everyone and frankly – I wouldn’t recommend you to build a smoke sauna in your home unless you really know what you’re doing. But, you can get a black sauna that works like a regular Finnish dry sauna! Let’s have a look at the options.

Painting or Staining the Sauna Interiors

Don’t do it. You should not paint or stain your sauna interiors. Artificial finishes may create fumes when the sauna is operating which can be toxic. So painting is not an option.

Creating Black Sauna Walls and Benches

There are a few natural ways to turn your sauna walls and benches black. Here are the best methods according to the experts:

Using Wax To Make A Black Sauna

  • Pros: Wax can be a good option if you find a high-temperature-resistant variety. It doesn’t typically emit fumes when heated, which is crucial for a sauna.
  • Cons: Regular wax may not withstand the high temperatures of a sauna and could melt or become tacky. Also, achieving a uniform black color with wax might be challenging.
Sauna Wax I Recommend: Supi Sauna Wax

Supi Sauna Wax is designed to treat all wooden surfaces in sauna steam rooms, including sauna benches, panelled walls, ceilings, doors, and window frames. This water-based protective finish contains natural wax and provides a naturally beautiful, silky matte protection by permeating the wood. The ready-mixed colors available are black, white, and grey, and the product can also be tinted to other colors. When treated with colorless Supi Sauna Wax, the natural color of the wood is maintained, as it does not alter or deepen the wood’s color like oil treatments.

Use black wax to make your sauna interiors black
Use black wax to make your sauna interiors black

Sauna With Black Wall Panels

You can build your sauna with black wall panels, such as these.

Sauna With Black Tiles

Of course, you can use tiles in your sauna too, particularly if you’re going for a more modern or hammam bath style sauna design. For me, it doesn’t scream real authentic Finnish sauna, which is my personal requirement for a home sauna, but I do love hammam spas as well!

Modern sauna with black tiles or hammam steam room 
Modern sauna with black tiles or hammam steam room 

A sauna with black tiles can be a visually striking choice, offering a modern twist on the traditional sauna experience. It’s important to focus on the quality and type of tiles used, their installation, and overall safety and comfort.

Indoor sauna with black wall tiles and marble shower room
Indoor sauna with black wall tiles and marble shower room

Things to Consider When Making Your Sauna Black:

  • Heat Resistance: The material must withstand high temperatures without melting, degrading, or emitting harmful fumes.
  • Humidity Resistance: Saunas have high humidity, so the material should not be affected by moisture.
  • Safety and Health: Ensure that the material does not emit toxic fumes at high temperatures.
  • Aesthetic and Texture: Consider how the finish will look and feel. For instance, some treatments might be glossy, matte, or textured.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Consider how often you’ll need to reapply the treatment and how easy it is to clean.
  • Application Process: Some treatments may require professional application or specific tools.

Before proceeding, I recommend you to consult with sauna experts or manufacturers, especially regarding the safety and suitability of materials in high-heat environments.

Incorporating Modern Elements

When designing a black sauna, incorporating modern elements can be a great way to create a sleek and contemporary look. Here are some ideas for adding modern touches to your sauna:

Contemporary Fixtures and Hardware

One way to add a modern touch to your sauna is by incorporating contemporary fixtures and hardware. This can include everything from towel racks to door handles to hinges and more. Look for fixtures and hardware that have clean lines and a minimalist design to create a streamlined and modern look.

Lighting and Ambiance

Lighting is an important element in any sauna, and it can be a great way to add a modern touch to your space. Consider installing LED strip lighting around the perimeter of your sauna to create a soft glow. You can also add dimmer switches to your existing lighting to adjust the ambiance to your liking.

Integrating Technology

Integrating technology into your sauna can also be a great way to create a modern feel. Consider adding a sound system to play relaxing music or nature sounds while you relax. You can also install a TV or tablet holder to stream your favorite shows or movies during your sauna session.

Decor and Accessories

Black is a popular color for saunas because it creates a calming, relaxing environment, but should be completed with some decor in lighter tones. You can add some light colors as your decor choices, such as beige sauna towels.

FAQ – Black Sauna Design

Black Sauna

What are some sleek design ideas for an outdoor black sauna?

When it comes to designing an outdoor black sauna, you have a lot of options. Some popular design ideas include using black wood paneling, adding large windows for natural light, and incorporating natural elements like stones and plants. You can also consider adding seating areas and outdoor showers to complete your outdoor oasis.

Black Sauna

Can you recommend durable materials suitable for building a black sauna?

The materials you choose for your black sauna will depend on your budget and personal preferences. Cedar is a popular choice for its durability and resistance to rot and insects. Other materials to consider include redwood, hemlock, and spruce. Be sure to choose materials that are specifically designed for sauna use.

Black Sauna

How do you create a personal outdoor sauna space on a budget?

Creating a personal outdoor sauna space on a budget is possible with a little creativity. You can repurpose an existing shed or outdoor structure and convert it into a sauna. Alternatively, you can build a simple sauna structure using affordable materials like plywood and insulation. Don’t forget to add some personal touches like plants and lighting to make your space feel cozy and inviting.

Black Sauna

Are there any specific do’s and don’ts for Building a black sauna?

Make sure you are using materials suitable for sauna! Artificial paints will not work in a sauna, consult with your closest sauna builders!

Black Sauna

Where can I find reliable outdoor sauna manufacturers?

There are many outdoor sauna manufacturers to choose from, so it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable company. Some popular options include Almost Heaven Saunas, Finnleo Saunas, and TyloHelo Saunas. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices before making a final decision.

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