About Saunology

Saunology.Com Is Your Trusted Guide To The Best Saunas, Home Wellness Design, Spas, And Sauna Products.

Saunas and spas have been a part of my life since the day I was born. I’m Tina, and I was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland where the sauna is part of everyday life.

Today –  I, my husband, and our children live in a house by a lake, we own a lake sauna, and bathing is part of our family’s regular wellbeing rituals. In addition to our lake sauna, I visit the sauna at the local gym at least once a week, and we own a premium spa pool that we enjoy year round. New in 2024 – I have convinced my hubby to add another sauna to our family. Suffice to say – we LOVE water wellness!

saunology - our current lake sauna
Our current lake sauna

I want you to discover the goodness of the sauna lifestyle. I want you to discover the most amazing saunas and spas in the world. And I want to help you create your own private resort in your home.

Saunas offer many benefits, both physically and mentally. Most of all, using a sauna is an amazing way to relax after work, and kickstart a weekend. Share the experience with your family and friends, or just enjoy a moment of peace, quiet and harmony…

What You Can Expect at Saunology

  • First – Saunology combines the sauna, spa, and wellness rituals together with interior and exterior design! As an interior design expert, my goal is to bring you the most stylish sauna, spa, and home wellness design styles to get inspired by.
  • Just like many of our fellow water wellness lovers, you likely love to discover spas around the world. We’re helping you to find the most amazing saunas and spas to enjoy solo or with your loved ones.
  • As a sauna ritual – you might enjoy creating your own organic products. We have gathered our favorite recipes for homemade sauna scrubs, oils blends, creams, and sauna scents!
  • Lastly – we aim to introduce amazing sauna and spa innovations and products that you can purchase to your home. If you have a sauna innovation that you want us to review and write about, get in touch!

I truly believe that sauna will change your life!

A little bit of my work

I have worked in the design and technology industries for over 20 years, and have been running multiple businesses in e-commerce, interior design, digital publishing, consulting, and online education. I’m also trained as an interior designer and regularly help design and wellness brands create exceptional customer experiences, marketing and sales systems, and go-to-market strategies.

Join me on the journey to finding the best saunas around the world, and how to design your own private sauna experience.


Kristina – Publisher & Chief Editor