Best Sauna Candles For Creating A Relating Sauna Experience

Sauna Candles

In a previous article, we talked about the different scents that can be used for sauna. One way to create a scent experience is to add essential oils to your sauna bucket. Another way to create a cozy sauna vibes is to use candles! As a candle nerd – I’m always looking for good quality candles to burn in my home. I use them particularly in my home spa area.

My Favorite Candles For A Relaxing Home Wellness Experience

Here are some of the best options for sauna candles, each offering unique scents to enhance your relaxation:

Lavender Scented Candles

Known for their calming properties, lavender candles are a popular choice for relaxation. They can help soothe a racing mind and release tension. A specific recommendation is the P.F. Candle Co.’s Ojai Lavender candle, which combines notes of lavender, mint, orange, and bergamot​​.

Rose Scented Candles

Rose scents can be grounding and centering, ideal for relaxation. The Boy Smells candles are amazing, my current favorite being Broken Rosary, which has a delicate rose / wood balanced scent.

Ylang Ylang Scented Candles

Ylang Ylang, known for its rich and sweet scent, can be excellent for relaxation. The Molton Brown Ylang Ylang candle, with notes of ylang ylang, bergamot, and orange, is a top choice for a peaceful experience​​.

Citrus Scented Candles

Citrus scents like grapefruit, mandarin, and mint are commonly used in spas for their clean and fresh notes, providing a sense of calmness and renewal. The Boy Smells Italian Kush candle, combining limoncello, black pepper, basil, oregano, and cypress, is a great option for a refreshing Italian ambiance​​.

Rosemary Scented Candles

Rosemary is energizing yet relaxing, perfect for improving concentration while reducing stress. Look for candles that combine rosemary with eucalyptus for a spa-like experience​​. Try the Rosemary candle by Carrière Frères.

Jasmine Scented Candles

Jasmine, with its slightly sweet and calming properties, is ideal for relaxation. A candle combining jasmine with lemon flower and green tea can be a game-changer for stress relief​​.

Vanilla Scented Candles

Vanilla is a comforting scent known for its calming properties. Candles combining vanilla with peppermint or sandalwood can create a soothing and warm atmosphere​​.

Peppermint Scented Candles

Peppermint is known for its refreshing and invigorating properties, making it a great choice for a rejuvenating sauna experience​​.

Can Candles Be Used In a Sauna?

While I use candled to deepen my sauna experience, I don’t bring the candles to the sauna room with me. My sauna is a wood heated Finnish dry sauna, and the heat is high. This means that candles would melt in my sauna! But, I burn candles in the sauna lounge, and while I take spa bath, particularly at nights.

When considering any type of lighting in a sauna, including candles, it’s crucial to ensure that the installation is safe and up to code to prevent any fire hazards. The choice of lighting should also balance the need for a relaxing atmosphere with safety considerations. Too much light or the wrong type of fixtures can be overwhelming and potentially unsafe​​.

Are Massage Candles Safe To Use In A Sauna?

Massage candles are specifically designed to be safe for use on the skin, as they are made with ingredients that have low melting points. This ensures that the liquid wax is warm, not hot, making it safe to apply to the skin for massage purposes.

The main ingredients in massage candles typically include soy wax, shea butter, and jojoba oil, which are all beneficial for the skin. These candles are a luxurious treatment that combines the ambiance of candlelight with the comfort of warm massage oil​​​​.

However, when you are considering using massage candles in a sauna, you need to think about this:

  • The high temperature in a sauna may affect the candle’s composition and melting behavior. Traditional candles can melt even without being lit in the sauna’s heat, and massage candles might behave similarly.
  • Additionally, the enclosed space of a sauna and the presence of heat sources could pose a fire hazard, especially if candles are not monitored closely​​​​.

Moreover, it’s important to be aware of the materials and fragrances used in massage candles. While essential oils are typically safe, burning oils can chemically change them into different compounds that may be toxic.

Therefore, I always recommend to use candles made from natural ingredients like beeswax or soy, and to avoid those with added synthetic fragrances or dyes​​.