Our Editorial Process

At SAUNOLOGY, we utilize an extensive editorial procedure to guarantee the delivery of highly accurate and reliable information, grounded in original research, scholarly studies, and guidance from industry experts.

Our Content Goals Are Simple, We Want To:

  • Gain our readers’ confidence
  • Uphold excellence in journalism and writing
  • Regularly review and refresh our content
  • Gaining our readers’ confidence
  • Building trust is a challenging and lengthy process that can be quickly undone

At Saunology, our aim is to address reader inquiries and elucidate subjects with the utmost accuracy and thoroughness, thereby establishing ourselves as a dependable source of knowledge on saunas, spas, and wellness rituals and products.

Therefore, we diligently avoid making exaggerated, false, or inaccurate statements in our material. To minimize the likelihood of misinformation, we exclusively reference credible sources and substantiate all facts and data included in our articles.

Committing To A High Standard Of Journalism And Writing

Every article released on Saunology undergoes a thorough journalistic procedure to guarantee that all news, informational, or educational material is not only fair and balanced but also accurate, current, all-encompassing, and supported by thorough research.

Here Is Our Process:

  • All article topics and questions are identified and prioritized by the editorial team to provide maximum value to the reader
  • Each article is outlined to provide the most comprehensive answer to the question or explanation of the topic at hand
  • All writers are thoroughly trained and follow strict guidelines for proper formatting, readability, sourcing of information, and citation of those sources within the article along with regular feedback and coaching
  • Submitted articles are reviewed by the editorial team for accuracy, cited sources are checked for authenticity, and the article is compared against existing resources to ensure that it is more useful to the reader
  • Any products or brands mentioned in the content are vetted for quality and relevance
  • Editor-in-chief conducts the third check of all content and formatting before scheduling the post to publish

Continuously Monitor And Update Our Content

As we strive to deliver the most accurate answers and explanations when each article is written, we also commit to an ongoing journey of research and learning within the Saunology community.

As such, we periodically check to ensure that all content remains relevant, useful, and accurate for our readers.

Affiliate Links

Our articles might also contain links to other relevant pages, products, or experiences we recommend. Some of the links might contain affiliate links, where we might earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not impact the price you pay, not does it impact what we recommend – we only recommend products and services we truly believe in ourselves!